Miss Andress' Wiki! Most awesome wiki EVER!
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World Cultures Website Perhaps the greatest website ever. Created by Allen's own Mr. Stephen Reck, has every lesson in his curriculum as we progress through the year. Email him for more info at recks@allentownsd.org

Mr. Assise's US History Class wiki!

http://teacher.scholastic.com/scholasticnews/indepth/upfront/index.asp Upfront Magazine

Pa Voter Information Election Game!

Government Lesson Plans News

President Interactive Game NPR

Economics PowerPoints EcoResearch.Net

Junior Achievement Website



U.S. 1 Resources

Magruder's Resources

http://www.historyglobe.com/jamestown/ Interactive game site


Daily History Facts Daily History Facts

Great Resource Through Pearson Publishing

World Cultures WebQuests Free WebQuests on Causes of WWI, Renaissance Italy, Tsarist Russia, etc. (more available at cost)