Biology in Motion Fun Interactive Lab Activities
ClassZone Science Animations/Cartoons specific to Text Book

Discovery Education - The 5 Es of Science Inquiry


doesn't mean entertain
activate prior knowledge - get them ready to learn
Activate prior knowledge - use sounds, images, clip art, animations/simulations (turn sound off), demonstrations,
    • Descrepit ? Event demos
Create interest
Generate Curiosity
Raise Questions
ID a Problem
Ask a question
Start a Discussion


learners create common experiences build common understanding & develop essential skills.



Evaluate CFF Science Wiki

PBS Evolution Unit
Website designed by PBS about evolution after their video series was a huge success. Includes all resources needed, including but not limited to: websites, articles, lesson plans, animations, interactive games and activities for use of student computers. Check it out!

Cells Alive This site is awesome for mitosis, meiosis, and other microbiology animations. WebQuests (Social Studies, Science, WebQuest Creator)

PowerPoint Interactive Lessons from Ms. Kowalski

VIRTUAL LABS Science Collaboration Days.
1. University of Colorado

2. Java Applets

3. The Gene Machine

4. The Moving Man


6. Geology/Environment/Biology ALSO in Spanish!

7. Polyvision Wiki Science

8. Quest OnLine Homework

9. Class Zone Text Investigations

10. Copyright Free Pictures

11. Population Dynamics Pred/Prey

12. PowerPoint Games Free games including Wheel of Fortune, Jepoerdy, Smarter than a 5th Grader, etc.