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I left Tampa @ 8am on Saturday, April 25th, drove north on I75 until I reached 301 (326 would take me to 301). I pulled over to buy a snack and get a drink. When I came out of the store my car wouldn't start. So, I met the first 'nicest person int he world' of the day! He gave me a jump :)

I stop at a CarQuest to ask about a new battery. Cory was the second 'nicest person in the world' I met that day. He tested my battery, sent me to warehouse and said James would install a new battery for me. I couldn't find the warehouse and ended up at another CarQuest and they couldn't help me but called Firestone and asked about a battery.

James @ Firestone was the third 'nicest person in the world' I met that day. He replaced the battery - which was, fortunately, under warranty and I was on my way.

About an hour later my dash was blinking and beeping the battery was dead again! It must be the alternator! I pulled into a WalMart. Steve became the fourth 'nicest person in the world' I met that day. He tested the battery and the alternator and confirmed it was the alternator. He pulled his truck up beside me and charged my battery. He called Clyde's garage and asked if they would be able to install an alternator for me. They said sure. So, with a charged battery, I was on my way again.

I arrived at Clyde's at 1:30pm. They said the part would cost $273 + $60/hour for labor. (It will take 2 hours). The problem was - they close at 2. Didn't catch the name of the fifth 'nicest person in the world'. It took him until 6 to fix my car. I won't get into the pain my dog & I suffered for those 5.5 hours, but it was tough.

The manager of the garage and another mechanic gave up their afternoon to help me out. If they hadn't volunteered their time I would have been stuck in Starke, Fl for 2 days!


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