Sir Ken Robinson says "Schools kill Creativity"

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The real issue here is that the teachers fail to see the big picture. What they need is a reality check. Technology is not going anywhere. Using their logic, most of the things we take for granted today would have led to the downfall of society.
The wheel? It made us lazy.
The incline plane? Mud is a better fastener than nails or screws.
The telephone? Sending a letter gives your cousin a nice memento.
The airplane? Days driving in a car full of kids build character.
By definition, technology is created to make our lives easier. The students aren’t cut from the same cloth as my generation or yours. They think and work differently than any other generation. It makes no sense to ignore the tools that are around us. How many accountants look at Excel and think “I’d rather use my paper ledger and an adding machine”? Do car designers forego AutoCAD and 3-D models in favor of a drafting table, a protractor and a compass?
Look for research that shows how students have changed. You may even want to start with some of the readings from The Need for Change course offered through eMBEDDED LEARNING.

Mike Baker
Technology Coach
Altoona Area High School
Altoona, Pennsylvania